Frequently asked questions

  • Discount

    Discounts are promotions set by sellers for all products in the store. You can enjoy discounts or free shipping when your total paid order amount reached a certain requirement.

  • Service commitment

    Service Commitment is limited to part of the products, specific as follows:

    • 7 Days Free Returns

      If you are unsatisfied with this product,you may return it within 7 days of delivery for a full refund

    • Local Product

      The product will be delivered to you in a short time for they are in your country.

    • Wholesale Discount

      The preferential price of ordering more quantity at one time

    • Plug adapter required

      The preferential price of ordering more quntity at one time

  • Feedback

    After you completed an order, you have the right to make a comment. The feedback would display in product's description. Different rates show buyers' various attitudes toward the item.

    Then the score you finally see is based on all the rates, for instance: 4.8

  • How to use K-Pay?

    After activating K-Pay, then you can use the money in K-Pay to order.

    Select the product you want to order in the cart and tap CHECKOUT.

    K-Pay only valid on the following countries: Cameroon, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana.

  • Wish List

    Add products to the Wishlist, and we will inform you when the price is lower.

    You can find your Wish List in My KiKUU

  • Store

    On KiKUU, all products are sold by sellers who have opened up stores. You can view the store from the products' detail page and view all products on the store's homepage.

    You can find the stores you liked in My KiKUU anytime you want.

  • Cart

    Put the products you wanna buy in your cart, then you could buy them at one time.

  • Coupon

    Coupon can be used as cash when placing orders, and a voucher entitling the holder to discount.